Do I need an agent if I'm self published?

No matter how you release your books, you need a great agent.

If you're self-published, an agent can help you sell film/tv rights, audio rights, and foreign rights. Your agent will also be there to advise you on the changing publishing industry. That's worth a lot. Doors are opening and closing every day in this changing landscape, and it's imperative that you have someone connected in the industry to look out for opportunities for you.

Specifically, a great agent will:

  • Help you get rid of clauses in your contracts that could severely limit your career.
  • Know which publishers and editors are right for your work.
  • Tell you when you're getting full value for your work.

Picking an agent isn't an exact science, but I would go with someone who's excited about your work and has a track record of success with similar authors. And if you ever have the opportunity to work with Gray Tan or Danny Baror, don't hesitate. They are two incredibly professional, hard-working, trustworthy agents who have been a huge part of my success.

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