The Titan Foundation Manifesto

The human race stands upon a precipice. In the next fifty years, we will either invent ourselves into extinction or create a new era of lasting peace and prosperity.

Our future hinges upon a handful of minds and their inventions—devices that are being tested in labs and garages around the world as you read this document.

These remarkable minds and their work are the singular focus of the Titan Foundation. Our mission is to organize the world's best and brightest and to apply their genius for the benefit of the entire human race. We call these individuals Titans and our foundation will play a role that has never before existed:

While profit is a worthy goal, we believe only inventors who understand how their creations will shape the future have a place deciding what that future will be.

We believe the greatest challenge is understanding the consequences of new inventions. Consider the following:

  • In 1903, the Wright Brothers made the first manned flight, showing the world what was possible. Sixty-six years later, we landed on the moon.
  • Henry Ford's Model T was the world's first mass-market automobile. It also set in motion events that would radically increase the world's CO2 emissions and affect weather patterns and population distribution.
  • In the twentieth century, dirt roads that connect the Congo and central African nations to north Africa were paved, enabling faster commerce and connectivity. The change brought needed medicine and trade. It also enabled AIDS, previously a regional scourge, to spread around the world, becoming a global epidemic that is estimated to have killed more than thirty million people.

The coming wave of human innovation may be our last. Now is the time to act to ensure humanity's survival. To that end, The Titan Foundation will assemble the world's largest dataset and create models that help us understand the impact of major inventions and changes. We live in an increasingly connected and complex world. Radical innovations, even with good intentions, can lead to global disasters. Our mission is to prevent those disasters.

We are currently focused on three areas of research:

  • Artificial intelligence and quantum computing
  • Advanced infrastructure, both on Earth and beyond
  • Immortality and anti-aging
  • Global outbreak containment

We all have a role to play in shaping the future, and groundbreaking inventions can propel us forward. But they can also be our undoing.

The Titan Foundation is here to ensure progress and innovation go hand in hand. Contact us to learn more.

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